Leporello Wildlife postcards (2017)

From the perspective of natural beauty, it is no hardship to work in the Caucasus. Our few trips into the mountains invariably end at picnic spots in stunning valleys. The Caucasus is also a highsecurity area. In the wilderness you can easily cross invisible borders or stumble into the potential hiding places of separatists. For this reason it’s much safer to visit one of the many museums of nature, where the Caucasus have been painstakingly reconstructed with numerous endemic animal and plant species. Anyone under the impression you can enjoy a hassle-free time here, forgot to take note of the dozens of babushkas calling the shots. Before a photograph can be taken there’s a stack of paperwork and formalities to get through.


Publisher: The Sochi Project
Leporello of 6 postcards in text wrapper
Dimensions: 130 x 178 cm (5.1 x 7 in.)
Language: English
Print run: 500 copies

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