Spring Print (2017)

Every season a unique print from the archive of Rob Hornstra is offered in the format 36 x 42 cm (14.2 x 16.5 in). The number of buyers determines the print run, up to a maximum of 25. The fixed price is € 145 plus shipping. Once the season is over, the print will no longer be reprinted. This offer is valid until July 1, 2017.

“In 2007 I stumbled accidentally into Cement Town, a small suburb of the East Siberian industrial city Angarsk. In the centre of Angarsk they call Cement Town a ‘no go’ area. ‘’ they say of the suburb’s residents.

“Nothing more than junkies and thugs!”

Several times I went to cultural center Druzhba, a dilapidated building in Cement Town that once must have been a great and sparkling Soviet palace. This girl was sitting next to the dance floor during the Friday night disco, while DJ Artiom played deafening electro-house for a crowd of 30 residents.”

At the end of 2016, local media broadcasted plans to demolish cultural center Druzhba. According residents the building is a danger to children, after it was looted and stood on fire several times in recent years.


Title: Disco, Angarsk, Russia, 2007
From the series: 101 Billionaires
Original: Medium format 6x7 negative film
Print technique: Analogue c-print
Paper size: 36 x 42 cm / Image 30 x 36 cm

Shipping of this work takes place in July 2017.

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