The Europeans: The Former Capital Special Edition (2020)

Each regional publication is accompanied by a numbered hardcover edition including signed print in a print-run of 120 copies. This Special Edition is sent out for free to people who support our work by adopting the corresponding region in advance. Through these adoptions, we can also keep the sales price of the trade edition low, in line with our ambition to reach a broad audience. To thank our supporters, their name is mentioned in the colophon of this Special Edition. Remaining copies will be sold in this online shop for 120 euros. Currently there are about 30 copies left of the The Former Capital Special Edition.

“They have just started and will probably take years to complete, but the result will undoubtedly be able to compete with the classic The Americans from 1958, in which Robert Frank painted a portrait of post-war America.”
—Het Parool, September 2019

This Special Edition is available in four variants. Each variant comes with a different photograph in the size of the publication. The same photograph is also displayed on the front of the cover. You don’t have to choose now. After you have purchased the Special Edition, we will contact you about your preferred version.


Publisher: The Europeans
Design: Kummer & Herrman
Hardcover: 112 pp
Dimensions: 175 x 219 mm (6.9 x 8.6 in.)
Print size: 170 x 210 mm (6.7 x 8.4 in.)
Language: English / Lithuanian
Print run: 120 copies (numbered)
Price: € 120.00

Item Price Qty Total
Total () € 127.20