Interview in German PHOTONEWS magazine


Damian Zimmermann of the German Photonews Zeitung für Fotografie visited the exhibition Ordinary People. Afterwards, I had a talk with him in the restaurant of Fotomuseum Den Haag.

Ordinary People in FD Persoonlijk magazine


Het Financieel Dagblad magazine: “The fascinating thing about Hornstra’s photographs is that, as time passes, what we see on them becomes more and more special.”

Geachte Redactie
De Volkskrant


Marsdiep swimmers in Volkskrant Magazine


Two years ago I worked with writer Arnold van Bruggen in Den Helder on The Naval Base, a chapter within our multi-year project The Europeans. One of our goals specifically linked to that place was to portray local club life. This is how we first came across the nearly 100-year-old Sea Swim Club Marsdiep. Beautiful characters, mainly consisting of people in their sixties and seventies, even rising up to 93 years old. Every day they dive into the sea. We visited them once during their daily morning dive. ⁠
This weekend 10 pages in Volkskrant Magazine. Thanks to all the wonderful swimmers of Swim Club Marsdiep.⁠

Interview Conscientious Magazine


A long conversation with Joerg Colberg about The Europeans, print sales, education, The Sochi Project, book printing and much more: “The art world is in a major shift from the romantic era towards a new era. That’s fantastic. Why is an insanely expensive framed photograph by, say, Andreas Gursky considered more important in the art world than a free newspaper by Rafal Milach?”

Interview in German magazine L.Fritz


Interview written by Damian Zimmermann in the great German magazine L.Fritz on the subject of “Krise in der Fotografie”. The link takes you to the author’s page where you can access a PDF of the article (in German).

Trigger Magazine on IMPACT


I was lucky to play a small role in the creation of this magazine, which, in my opinion, is about the greatest challenge photographers are facing: How do you trigger impact? I would like to applaud editors, authors and others who have worked so hard on it. Wonderful job! More of this please!

The Europeans in Slanted Magazine


Our first publication of work from our new project The Europeans: The Black Country in Slanted Magazine, which is entirely dedicated to Europe for this issue. You can order the magazine via the link below.