Launch of exhibition and publication The Former Capital (not cancelled)

An endless number of art events have been cancelled worldwide due to the Coronavirus. Also the launch of our regional publication / exhibition The Former Capital - programmed on April 2 - was postponed. Transport of exhibition and books was already on its way.

After digesting the setback and with help from our partner Kummer & Herrman, we decided to work hard on recreating the exhibition online, exactly like we imagined it to be. When you put on VR glasses, you almost feel like you’re there. But without VR glasses you can also go inside.

And so the launch of the publication and exhibition The Former Capital is still a reality on the intended day. A local audience can now still visit the exhibition. However, also the rest of the world can take a look. The Coronavirus is forcing us to follow new paths. Who knows this may lead to beautiful and surprising insights.

You can visit our exhibition from behind your computer screen by following the link below or via the Artsteps app on your phone and in VR.