Column in Nederlands Dagblad


As one of the few non-local journalists, Hilbrand Rozema of the Nederlands Dagblad travelled to the cold and windy naval city to write a column about the opening of our self-initiated exhibition The Naval Base: “The creators of this project, Arnold van Bruggen and Rob Hornstra, are going to portray cities in Europe that are far from the centres of power. And where better to start such a project than in our own naval city?”

Column FOTODOK Book Club on Cancel Fear


On December 3, during the FOTODOK Book Club, I spoke out a column with a retrospective on cancel issues in 2020 and a message for 2021: “Let’s put the hard rhetoric behind and make 2021 the year of a renewed openness to critical reflection, to nuance, to shades of grey, and also to forgiveness, to empathy for people who make mistakes. And especially to building a beautiful, diverse, inclusive art world together. With everyone. Also with people who make mistakes and want to do better.” Click on the link for a Dutch translation of the column on the website of FOTODOK. English version can be sent on request.