Man Next Door Special Edition (2017)

This special edition consists of a signed copy of the book Man Next Door - Family and Friends Edition and an analogue, handmade c-print in a custom-made housing.

About the print: “At times of tensions, Kid suffered increasingly from epileptic attacks and a narrowed consciousness. On a Sunday morning in 2007 he was brought home by the police. They had received a phone call from concerned residents in the neighbourhood who saw him walking on the streets at 6 am, barefoot and in underwear only. Outside, it was around the freezing point at that moment.

“Years later, when I received his mourning card after his sudden death, it turned out that Kid’s family had chosen this photo for the inside of the mourning card.”

I made this portrait in the following days, when Kid spent most of his time on the couch. He could hardly walk, because of enormous blisters under his feet. Afterwards Kid appeared to be very content with this photo, mainly because of the colors of the Bob Marley flag in the background. During the funeral ceremony the flag was lying over his coffin.


Special Edition - 20 copies
Numbered and signed
Acid free cardboard slipcase
Handmade analogue c-print (24.2 x 29.0 cm) from large format 4x5” negative film

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