Autumn Print (2020)

Every season, Rob Hornstra selects an image from his archive and makes it available as an exclusive handmade C-print (36 x 42 cm / 14.2 x 16.5 in). The number of buyers determines the print run, up to a maximum of 25. Once the season is over or print sold out, the image is no longer reprinted. This offer runs until 31 December 2020. Prints will be shipped in January 2021.

When we talk about the North Caucasus, most people think of republics like Chechnya, Dagestan or North Ossetia. Karachay-Cherkessia is less known. In 2008 I travelled to Karachay-Cherkessia together with Dutch journalist Jelle Brandt Corstius in order to understand more about small peoples with exotic names like the Karachays, the Cherkess, the Abazins, the Nogais and here and there some Kumyks. The latter live mainly in Dagestan, however they share the same incomprehensible language as the Karachays.

“Even for a small nation, the history of the Karachays is not very cheerful.”
—Jelle Brandt Corstius, 2008*

On the first day we pass Karachayevsk, the capital of the Karachay part, where mainly Islamic Karachays live. We shortly visit the mosque, which has just been completed. That turns out to be a good decision. While Jelle is listening to the imam talking about the brand-new chandelier made in China, I photograph the stunning view of the adjoining roundabout that connects three roads to different peoples.

De quote van Jelle Brandt Corstius is afkomstig uit zijn boek Kleine landjes.

Title: Roundabout, Karachayevsk, Russia, 2009
From the series: 101 Billionaires
Original: Medium Format 6x7 negative film
Print technique: Analogue handmade C-print
Paper size: 36 x 42 cm (14.2 x 16.5 in) / Image 30 x 36 cm

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