FAQ / Contact

Can I organise an exhibition of your work?

Yes. I would be happy to work with you to create a bespoke exhibition. For an impression of previous designs and available concepts, view different examples within the Stories section of the website. Please contact studio@robhornstra.com for more information about available exhibitions and financing options.

Do you also give talks?

I love discussing my own projects as well as topics such as photo books and crowdfunding with groups of all sizes. If you would like me to give a talk to your group, please send the date and location to studio@robhornstra.com.

Can I sign up for your next workshop?

I give two or three workshops on do-it-yourself storytelling each year. The date and location of the next workshop is not always known. For reasons of efficiency, the workshops are often linked to an exhibition or other event that is running at the same time. For details of the next workshop, please sign up for my newsletter. If you would like to organise your own workshop with me, please send an email to workshop@robhornstra.com

Commercial / editorial assignments

I know it sounds strange for someone who calls himself a photographer, but I don’t think I am the right person for these kinds of assignments. My schedule only allows for long-term planning, which is often incompatible with assignment work. If this doesn’t put you off, please contact me at studio@robhornstra.com.

Purchasing work

Framed C-type prints can be purchased from Flatland Gallery. Most works are printed in two sizes and editions: five large (starting from 80 x 96 cm) and seven small (up to 50 x 60 cm). Please contact info@flatlandgallery.com for availability and prices.

Opinion / feedback

I am always honoured to be asked to give my opinion on personal work in return for a coffee or beer. I would love to hang out in bars, restaurants and cafés to discuss life, philosophy and your portfolio. But for now, I have to divide my time between my family, my own projects and my work at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). Please try to catch me at a public event if you have something to share.

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